Error: "ALERT This Site is Not Secure!"

The "ALERT! This site is not secure" error message is received when the wrong URL domain is entered.

The alert is typically in Red along with the https URL prefix.  (See example below)

All Silvertrac URLs have the same domain: 

This and any other variations used to login will trigger an Alert, or another error message such as:

"You have reached the Silvertrac System, however the customer you are looking for was not found. Please check your bookmark/url"

"This might mean that someone's trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server.  You should close this site immediately."

If you receive any of the aforementioned errors when attempting to loin to your Silvertrac URL please verify that you are using the correct URL.  

If you are unsure what your URL is please contact your System Administrator.  If you are a System Administrator contact Tech Support via email: or call 888-505-8722 ext 4 during normal business hours. 

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