What is an Issue Type?

In this article we will go over what an Issue Type is, the different Modules to report Issue Types, the different Levels of Issue Types, and what the Issues Types look on the Issue Monitor and in different Reports.

What is an Issue Type?

Issue Types are the foundation of real time reporting.  As used in Silvertrac Issue Types are the types of reported activity that can occur on a specific  Property.  
Issue Types
are used primarily to Observe and Report but are also be used in conjunction with Tasks, Checkpoints and in reporting specific Incidents.

Reporting and Notifications are all based on the reporting of specific Issue Types

TIP:  Try to avoid using broad non specific Issue Types when possible such as Patrol, Tour, Code 4, All Clear, No Issue Found, etc,.

Use Risk and Liability terms whenever possible.

Please check out the link Sample Issue Types for some specific Issue Types:

The Silvertrac Modules of Issue Types

Silvertrac makes individual Issue Types available to be reported as a Security issue, a Parking issue, or as a Maintenance issue.

Reporting Issue Types within a specific module allows you and your client to access and use the data collected more efficiently in determining proactive or reactionary action to be taken.

Different Levels of Issue Types

Issue Types are typically classified as Routine, 

or Emergency issues.  Silvertrac identifies issue levels by both a number and a color:

Level 3 (Green) - Preventative or Routine Issue Types
Examples: Checked Parking Lot, Locked Clubhouse, Officer on Site

Level 2 (Yellow) - Important Cautionary Issue Types
Examples: Slip/Trip/Fall Hazard, Light out, Door Left Open, Vagrant on site

Level 1 (Red) - High Priority or Emergency Issue Types
          Examples: Emergency Vehicle on Site, Theft, Vandalism, Alarm

All Life Threatening Emergencies should be immediately reported to 911 (or your country's emergency response number) 

What the Issue Types Look Like on the Issue Monitor and in Reports

The Issue Monitor can be sorted for view by individual, multiple or all Issue Types within the specific Modules - Security, Parking and Maintenance.

Each reported issue is assigned an Issue ID Number which is numerically and color coded on Daily Activity Reports:

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