My Users Aren't Receiving Tasks on Time

Your Problem: The users in the field aren't receiving their tasks on time, or at all, and the task times in the issue monitor are off. 

Explanation: Silvertrac will not send a new task if that task is currently open. For example; 

  • Let's say you have a task set for 10pm 7-days per week

  • User 1 gets the task on Monday. 

  • If the user does not close the task out (meaning they open the task and click "close issue") then the next task, for Tuesday night, will not be sent. 

Silvertrac assumes that the task is still in progress by user #1 and will not send an additional task until the first task is closed. 

How to Avoid Task Disruption: Make sure your users close all tasks and issues before leaving the post and logging out.

You can also setup overdue task alerts so your managers are notified when a task becomes overdue. This will allow you to contact the officer to see why the task has not been completed.

How to Find Open or Uncompleted Tasks

To find tasks that may have been left open by officers in the field, go to the issue monitor and search for tasks + uncheck the "include closed" option. 

Closed tasks are shown with a grey tab on the right. Open tasks are tasks with Red, Orange, Blue, or Green tabs. 

You can open the tasks and close them for the officers to make sure that future tasks are delivered. 

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