A Newly Created Automated Report Was not Received

In this article we will troubleshoot 3 steps you can use to verify that your customer is set up correctly so that they can successfully receive their newly created Automated Reports. 

Step 1: Have your Customer Check their Spam / Trash / Junk Filters

If the Automated Report email is in one of those folders request that they have their IT department or email host White List the following domains and IP Address:


The Silvertrac IP Address is:

Step 2: Verify the User Profile Data

Users tab >> Edit User 

Email Address - verify the email is correct and that there are no extra spaces.
Security Role - verify the users role matches what the report(s) they are to receive. For Example: a customer set up to receive reports from multiple properties cannot be set up as a Customer - Single Property Manager.
User Group -
Verify that the user group is correct. For Example: If a Management Company user is set up with a single property they will not receive the reports for the other properties set up in the Report Scheduler.

TIP: For more information on creating Custom User Groups click here.

Allow Emails - Verify that  the "Allow Emails" box is checked.
Save User Details - Make sure that any time you edit a user you click the "Save User Details" box and you get the "Alert Message: User Successfully Saved

Step 3: Verify their email is not being used with any other user.

Please verify the same email is not being used for any other user profiles, including any inactive accounts.

 If the email is used ANYWHERE in the Silvertrac servers it can have a direct impact on the non-delivery of automated reports.  

For example: In some cases you will see a generic email accessed by multiple users such as manager@propertymgmt.com.  If ANYONE else is set up with that email in the system and the "Allow Email" box not selected, NO ONE using that email will receive the Automated Reports

NOTE: searching "Whitelist" "Whitelisted" or "Whitelisting" may not produce a desired result.  Always hyphenate or spell out White List for the best results.

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