User Kicked off the Silvertrac App

This is a common scenario with Officers that are using their own personal devices to report.  The Silvertrac App uses very little data yet most users that get kicked off frequently are commonly running other applications in the back ground that require a lot of data and the device is forced to close one app to allow for another. 

Unfortunately, Silvertrac gets the bad rap as "kicking the user off" or closing down and there being something wrong with the Silvertrac App, when in fact it is the device shutting down the app

Since Silvertrac is typically the app left open the longest while reporting, it gets shut down, causing to users to believe there is an issue with the Silvertrac app.

Kicked Off Specifically While Adding a Note

When an App user gets kicked off of the Silvertrac App while trying to add a note to an issue it is usually related to limited device memory or too many apps running in the background.

It is always best to close other non essential apps, shut the device off and reboot it before each shift to help eliminate this type of issue.

Kicked Off All the Way to the Login Screen

When an App user gets kicked off of the Silvertrac App all the way back to the login screen this is definitely related to a device apps running in the background. 

This issue can be resolved by simply logging off non essential apps, and the Silvertrac App and shutting the device off and then logging back on.


Simply shutting the device down for a minute and completing a reboot periodically, will clean up the device and shut down other applications running in the back ground.

The amount of routine shut downs required from time to time really depends on the size of the device memory, but users should shut down and re-boot often based on the device manufactures guidelines. 

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