Submitted Note Repeated Several Times

This is a very rare occurrence, but typically happens when there is a connectivity issue at the device level that was used to report exactly when the issue was submitted.

Typically when there is a connectivity issue the device will "wait" until it has a good connection before uploading the issue, but sometimes, and it is pretty rare, if it is right in the middle of uploading an issue already and the connectivity is lost or drops significantly, the device will keep trying to submit the note over an over until good connectivity is reestablished, and when it does it will show the attempts multiple times in the note.

Another scenario can involve the officer not noticing that they have low or no connectivity and so they hit submit several times trying to push the submission through.  This results in the multiple submissions pending in the queue and then all uploading when good connectivity is reestablished.

A good way to verify whether a note has been submitted is for the officer to check the "Uploads" section of the device.  (See screen shot below)

If you have the Edit Feature turned on the system Admin can go into individual issue ID # and edit the note manually it so the repetition is deleted.  

If you do not have the Edit Feature turned on you can contact Tech Support directly and we will be happy to assist. 

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