How to Change the Content of Your Home Page Message

In this article we will go over how a security company System Admin can edit and change the Home Page Message that Employees, Customers, Residents and Tenants see on the Login page of your portal.

The Login Page of your portal can be customized to include your (1)  Company Logo, a(2) Resident and Tenant Reporting option, (3) Advanced Parking options, (4) Contact Information and (5) Text Content such as a Company Overview, Mission Statement or Message:

To Change, Edit or Add your portal Text Content Message, hover over the System tab >> click System Config >> on the General tab >> select the Home Page Message box:

A System Admin can make changes, edits and additions directly into the Home Page Message box or (Highly Recommended) cut-n-paste the Message from an edited, spell checked and grammatically correct checked document. 

Once changes, edits and additions have been made, select Save Config Settings at the bottom of the page:

Once the changes, edits and additions have been saved, the next time that an Employee, Customer, Resident or Tenant accesses the site they will see the changed, edited or new Home Page Message.

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