Login Error: "Please Check Your Internet Data Connection" - When the Device has Internet Connection!

In this article we will troubleshoot the Login Error: "Please check your data connection! Silvertrac cannot log you in, because the device is NOT connecting to the internet or connectivity is intermittent. If you recently turned the device on, wait a few moments and try again. Also try moving to an area with better coverage. If this message appears again, contact the device carrier. There is a problem associated to the internet data connection!"

There are two reasons why this error will pop up when a User is trying to log onto the Silvertrac App:

  1. The device is not connecting to the Internet.

  2. The User Name Password combination was entered incorrectly.

The Device is Not Connecting to the Internet

In many scenarios when this Login Error is seen, following the narrative to "wait a few moments and try again" resolves the issue.

In many scenarios, such as a User trying to log onto the Silvertrac App in remote areas, parking structures, stairwells, in between buildings, etc., following the narrative to, "Also try moving to an area with better coverage" resolves the issue.

Some device manufactures allow you to control specific App Access in Settings beyond the required permissions when first downloading the Silvertrac App.

Some devices allow the user to set restrictions on only using the App with WiFi or Data. If, for example, the settings were set to WiFi only, the user would not be able to access the app with their Data plan and they could get the Login Error. The same would be true on devices set for WiFi use only, such as tablets, that were set to Data only in the device settings.

The User Name Password Combination was Entered Incorrectly

This Login Error messages typically happens when a new user is trying to log onto the Silvertrac App for the first time and does not use the correct User Name and Password simultaneously.

User Names cannot contain symbols and Passwords are case sensitive, so when the User types in the wrong User Name and Password combination they will not be able to establish the initial Internet connection with the Silvertrac App and will get the Login Error.

Please verify the User Name and Password and have the User try again, also verifying that the Caps Lock is not on.

In some cases if the password was not remembered correctly you may need to change the password and have the User try again.

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