Understanding and Adding a Property Code Number (Value) to the Property Code Field

In this article we will go over what the Property Code value is in the Property Maintenance profile and how to add a Property Code value in the Property Code field.

NOTE: When creating and adding a New Property there is not an option to create a Property Code value.

What is a Property Code?

A Property Code is typically a Property Management Company's internal designation of a property beyond the name of the property.

Example 1:

i.e.: XYZ Property Management Company:

Property Name: Luxury Resort XYZ Living

XYZ Property Management company's sample internal designation code: 220712

Example 2:

This may also be your own company's designation.

i.e. Your Security Company: XYZ Security Company

Your Client: Luxury Resort XYZ Living - Your Internal customer number 001

How to Add or Edit a Property Code

To add or edit a property code:

  1. Hover over the Properties Tab

  2. Click on Property Maintenance

3. Select the Property

4. Click the Property Code field and add or edit the desired Property Code.

5. Click the blue Save Property Details button to save the property edits.

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