Why Does the Device Say the User's Name is "Fred's Phone"?

In this article we will go over why an approved device will suddenly display the manufacture's make and model identifiers differently than what was approved by a System Admin.

NOTE: The device display will also show the 2 device Make and Model identifiers (Phone# and Device ID#) including the friendly name (Fred's Phone) field whether the Friendly Name option is being utilized or not.

The Friendly Name as Fred's Phone

The Phone Number as (000) 000-0000

The Device ID# as 00000000-5555-4444-7777-999999999999

Logging onto the Silvertrac Mobile app requires an Internet connection. When attempting to log onto an approved device without an Internet Connection there are a few different responses based on the Make and Model of device being used as well as devices on the iOS or Android platforms.

Example: Error / Alert messages when attempting to log onto the Silvertrac Mobile App when the device has no Internet connection:

In addition to these Error / Alert messages (depending on the Manufacture, Make or Model, the display of: Fred's Phone, (000) 000-0000, and 00000000-5555-4444-7777-999999999999 without an Error / Alert also indicates that the device does not have an Internet connection which is preventing it from logging onto the Silvertrac Mobile App.

Once an Internet connection has been established or re-established the device will no longer display Fred's Phone, (000) 000-0000, or 00000000-5555-4444-7777-999999999999

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