Alert Notifications Are Being Received Even Though the Issue Has "Never" Selected

In this article we will troubleshoot an often overlooked reason a customer would still receive an Auto Notification anytime a specific issue is reported even after it was turned "off" by selecting the Never option, or the Only Urgent option, in the Auto Notification System.

When setting up a client to receive instant notifications for specific issues or events there are several options. To review those set up options please see the Help Center article:

There are Multiple User Profiles with the Same Email for Notifications

If a user profile is set for a specific property and not the notification recipient's name, verify that the email is not is use for notifications on other properties.

General emails such as are often times used for reporting on multiple properties.

Make sure the email used to received the notifications are not duplicated in the system. You can verify the emails used for automated reports and instant notifications by running a User Report.

To run a User Report hover over the Reporting tab > All Reports > User Reports > User Report:

If the email is duplicated for multiple users edit BOTH (or more) users in the Auto Notification System.

Custom Property Alerts

The home page of the Auto Notification System displays ALL of the issues for ALL of the properties that the Selected User has access to in the User Group of their User profile.

Customer - Management Company Users with access to multiple properties have the option to set up Auto Notifications for each individual property by clicking on the Custom Property Alerts button at the bottom right hand corner of the Auto Notification System page.

Selecting a specific property allows a manager of multiple properties to manage the Auto Notifications auto generated for that individual property.

NOTE: When creating Auto Notifications on the Custom Property Alerts page, a red ATTENTION Alert explains the process:


Custom Property Alerts should ONLY be set for users requesting specific notifications from different Properties. If you are setting Custom Property Alerts DO NOT set Standard Alerts in conjunction. ONLY set one or the other.

If Custom Property Alerts have been set up for an individual property they will continue to create an Auto Notification even if the home page of the Auto Notification System has the Never option selected.

Edit the Custom Property Alert for that specific property to Never and then click the blue Save Custom Alert button at the bottom of the window.

For additional troubleshooting options, also see the Help Center article on Advanced Alerts.

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