SQLite Login Error Message

In this article we will go over the SQ Lite error message(s) and how to resolve it.

The Silvertrac Mobile App is able to be downloaded from the Google Play store based on meeting specific criteria that is available on Android platform smartphones.

From time to time a smartphone manufacture will add features and functions that go beyond the basic criteria that an App needs to function properly.

When that is the case you may experience an SQLITE error such as this:

In order to resolve this error you must download an APK version that has addressed the manufactures make and model app issues.

If you get this error please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager for the APK link then follow the steps:

1. Uninstall the existing Silvertrac App by using the Application Manager on the device.

2. Open the internet browser and manually type in the following URL: https://demo2.silvertracker.net/silvertrac_android_(NEWESTVERSION#HERE).apk

OR email/text the link to the affected device so they can copy and paste the link into the devices internet browser.

3. That will begin downloading a file. Open the file when it is done downloading and complete the installation instructions.

4. Open the new Silvertrac app and login as usual.

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