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How to Add a Geofence
How to Add a Geofence

Geofencing. Make Sure Your Officers are Onsite and Reporting within a Geofence

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In this article we will go over how to add a Geofence to a property.

To add a Geofence hover over the Properties tab >> Property Maintenance >> select the Property >> Geofence >> Click the Blue New button

Step 1.  When you click the New button the rest of the options will display.

Step 2. Geofence Name.  In most cases the Geofence Name will be based on the property name.  

NOTE: because a Geofence will be based on the address(es) you have added to the Property you can add multiple Geofences based on multiple Addresses for a single property.

Step 3. Choose - View Address on Map.  To see the available Property Address(es) on the map click the Choose - View Address on Map drop down menu.  Select the Property Address you want to base your Geofence on.

Step 4.  Zoom.  Click the + to zoom in on the Property Address on the map.  Click the - to zoom out on the Property Address on the map.

Step 5. Map | Satellite Select your preferred map view.  The Satellite view gives greater details but can also obscure common grounds.  

Step 6.  Geofence Radius (Meters) Left click the clear box on the slide bar and it will turn white while you are holding the mouse button down and allow you to drag it to the right or left to increase and decrease the Geofence circle.

As you notice the Geofence circle increasing or decreasing in size on the map you will likely notice that it does not cover your property evenly.  When this is the case click and drag the red map marker on the map to center the Geofence

Step 7.  Save Geofense. 

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