NOTE: The message board feature is only available for Android devices upon request. If you would like to add the message board to your site (free of charge) please email with "message board" as the subject line. 

What is the Message Board designed for? 

The message board is designed to assist in the communication between officers in the field and dispatchers using the Issue Monitor. None of the information included on the message board will be entered on to the reports. 

The message board is meant to be used for lightweight quick messages. It is not meant to be used as a form of communication for your customer. 

The message board can be used in the following scenarios:

- A guard can message dispatch to ask for a verification of the post orders

- A dispatcher and message a single officer asking for a quick phone call when the officer is available

- A dispatcher can message all active officers with a company memo or notice.

Important Note: Dispatchers will not receive an alert for a message if they do not have the message board window open. 

Sending a Message to a Single Officer

To send a message to a single officer, click the message board icon in the bottom right hand corner. 

Then type your message and press send. 

When the officer receives the message in the handheld they will be able to send a reply (see image below). 

Sending a Message to Multiple Officers

To send a message to all active users simply click the All Users tab and send your message. 

Sending a Message to Dispatch From the Handheld App

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