1.  Create Groups and/or Routes

    This only applies if your import was for a patrol route. If it wasn't for a patrol route, just skip to step 2.

  2. Go Property-by-Property completing the following steps:

    - Add property notes and post orders to the property.

    - Customize the issue types assigned to the property. You'll want to remove the issue types that don't apply to the property and add any unique issue types that may be needed.

    - Add checkpoints to the property. Of course, this is optional but highly recommended.

  3. Add your officers as users and assign them to the route you created.

  4. Login to the Handheld and Test Things Out

    You can download the app from the app store from any Android or Apple device. Once you login you should see the properties you've setup and you can checkout how things look for the officer.

    Things should be pretty straightforward from there, but here is a link to our help material on using the handheld apps just in case.

  5. Check out the Issue Monitor and Run a Few Reports

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