There are currently over 25 different ways to view the data collected in the field into a specific report in Silvertrac , and they can all be accessed from the "Reporting" Tab.

To pull a Report, hover over the "Reporting" Tab > Click "All Reports" and you will see 5 different report types: 

Checkpoint reports
Daily Activity reports
Parking Reports
Property Reports
User Reports

By clicking on a Report type, a drop down menu will display the specific report types available for you to run under that category.

Once a report is selected a preview of that specific report will be displayed at the bottom left below the report menu as a quick means to verify this is the report you wish to run.You also have the option to"Click to View Sample" if you like. 

The report parameters typically are outlined with date ranges, check boxes and drop down menus depending on the type report being run.

Any limitations selected that exceed parameters on a specific report type or format will pop up in red and note the limitations.

Once the report parameters have been entered select the blue Run Report box at the bottom of the page and your report will automatically download. 

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