The Performance Alerts Feature enables you to receive real-time alerts when the required number of issues per hour are not submitted by an officer at a specific property.

This is similar to requiring a minimum number of entries on a Daily Activity Report per hour.

For example; if an officer fails to report 5 issues per hour throughout the shift, from 8:00pm to 4:00am, send my supervisors an alert.

This feature will help you be sure that reports are being updated regularly. It will also help you know when an officer has stopped reporting, which may mean the officer has left the post or has become inactive.


  1. Setup the minimum issues per hour
  2. Setup the hours each day in which this rule will apply
  3. Setup the specific users that should receive these alerts

Start by going to Properties >> Edit Properties >> Selecting a Property >> Selecting Alerts 

Then select the minimum issues per hour for this property. (Pictured above).

You can select the times by click the hour's row, the day's column, or each individual box. To finish, click Save. 

The final step is setting up specific users to receive these alerts. You can do this by going to Users >> Edit Notifications >> Selecting a User >> Checking Property Issues Per Hour Box. Once you have checked that box (pictured above) you can click Save Notifications.

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