To add a new user hover over the Users tab and select Add New User.

1. Enter the New user’s first name, last name and email account associated with the new user.

2. Ensure the email address is correct. A user’s email address is vital to receiving set issue notifications and changes made to passwords.

3. Create a username for the user.

NOTE: the username needs to be unique. If you get an error like the one shown below it means that another user across the entire Silvertrac database is using that username. It doesn't mean that the user is already in your account. 

4. Create a password for the user. Passwords MUST be a minimum of 6 characters in length. 

5. Select a User Role that applies to the type of access level you would like to have for the new user. If you need assistance on choosing the correct User Role, visit the, Understanding User Roles page. 

After completing the steps listed above, click Add New User.

To finish adding a new user you must select a User Group. The user group is the group of properties this user will be allowed to see when they login to both the web portal and the handheld device. Make sure that the user group assignment includes all of the properties you want this user to report and/or review issues.

1. Review the checklist in the lower righthand corner of the screen. These options control what type of issues users are allowed to create and receive. The last option also determines whether or not this user will have access to view the GPS data.

2. After selecting the desired group, click Save User Details.

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