This article troubleshoots the 3 primary reasons an Automated Report suddenly stops being received by your customer and outlines what steps need to be taken by whom so that they successfully receive their Automated Reports again. 

  1. The Customer Unsubscribed
  2. Firewall Protocol Changes
  3. Third Party White Listing Changes

This Article also Addresses what to do if a Customer email ends up on a Suppression List.

1. Customer Unsubscribed 

Third party white listing protocols require that there be an unsubscribe link option when receiving automated emails.

If your client will unwittingly clicked the unsubscribe link, and then accidentally verified it, they will no longer receive the automated reports. 

When this happens, you can “re-subscribe” them to receive the Automated Reports by going into their Edit User set up and checking the “Allow Emails” box.

2. Firewall Protocol Changes

Changes to firewall protocols made by a Customers IT Department or email host can affect email receipt immediately.

Updating and changing firewall protocols is a common occurrence with many email systems, since there are so many restrictions put in place to protect customers from unsolicited emails.

If the customer’s IT Department or email host changed their fire wall protocols the only resolution is for your client to contact their email host to help resolve the issue to allow the delivery of their Automated Reports and set Alert Notifications again. 

Silvertrac can assist by running a “Bounce Report” that will enable you to share specifically what triggered the email interruption.

Additionally  Silvertrac has provided a standard response email / request email you may attach the Bounce Report to, to help speed up the process of resolving an email issue.

Standard White Listing Request Email:

Hello, IT or email host provider, 

Please ensure the following addresses are added to the Safe Senders "White-listing" list in your spam filtering service: 


Silvertrac IP Address is:

Also, please ensure there are no rules set up to inhibit the emails. This is sometimes identified by our end as a "Customer Policy Issue" 

We have seen issues in some mail servers when the reply is different than the from, it can be rejected.

Thank you for your assistance.

NOTE: For customers having issues not receiving notifications, please have them white-list the IP address and the domains and 

3 . Third Party White Listing Changes

This is a less common issue because third party white listing agencies don’t tend to change protocols as often.

Silvertrac can run a “Bounce Report” to discover if this is a cause of a customer not receiving their automated reports and resolve it with them.

NOTE: Suppression Lists

In some cases you may not become aware of a customers failed Automated Report emails for days or longer.

If too many failed email delivery attempts are made the Silvertrac or third party white listing domains can end up on a suppression list(s).

Depending on the server(s) that has suppressed it, the email will need to be manually taken off the suppression list(s): (1) by the customer's IT department / email host or (2) by Silvertrac or (3) by both entities. 

Once confirmed by the email host provider that they approved all the listed email addresses, please contact Silvertrac support with the email address and we can check the list and make sure the recipient email is deleted from our suppression list.

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