Being able to automate the reporting process is a great way to utilize technology to streamline operations and save time and effort getting the Daily Activity Reports to your clients.

In order to give your clients the exact data they want and need, Silvertrac has created several options and variables in the initial set up process.If not set up properly this will have a direct impact on the reports received, or they will not receive a report at all.

Here are some common set up issues that can prevent a client from getting their Automated Reports: 

Unsubscribed – Edit User 

Third party white listing protocols require that there be an unsubscribe option when receiving automated emails and sometimes your client will unwittingly click the unsubscribe option and then accidently verify it.When this happens, you can “re-subscribe” them to receive the automated reports by going into their user set up and checking the “Allow Emails” box.

NOTE: As seen above: Always check that the Email Address does not have any extra spaces or symbols.Long emails address many require scrolling over to verify the correct email was input and that there is nothing extra.i.e. an extra period at the end of the email such as will render the email address undeliverable. 

Security Role and User Group

The User Role and the Security Group must match the selection(s) made in the Report Scheduler.

For example: if a Customer is listed as a Customer – Management Company User then the User Group must reflect all of the properties they oversee.Not including a property within a custom group will create with receiving the Automated Reports.

Conversely, a Customer – Single Property Manager will only have a Single Property selected from the User Group dropdown. Selecting Multiple Properties for a Single Property manager can create issues with receiving the Automated Reports.

For more information on creating Custom User Groups click here.

Spam / Trash / Junk Filters

Depending on the Browser and the operating system that your client is using your automated reports might end up in their Spam, Trash or Junk folder.

If after setting up their Automated Reports correctly they do not receive as scheduled in their Inbox have them check their Spam, Trash or Junk folders.If the Automated Report is in one of those folders request that they Safelist the email address. 

3rd Party White Listing or Firewall Protocols 

If you have verified through the above troubleshooting that the undelivered Automated Reports is not a set up issue, then it is likely that the issue is a 3rd Party White Listing Firewall Protocol issue.

This is a common occurrence with many email systems, since there are so many restrictions put in place to protect from unsolicited emails.  

In 99% of such occurrences the only resolution is for your client to contact their email host to help resolve the issue and allow the delivery of their Auto Reports and set Alert Notifications. 

To assist you, Silvertrac support has provided a standard response email / request you may send to the email host to help speed up the process of resolving an email issue.

Standard White Listing Request Email:

IT or email host provider, please ensure the following addresses are added to the Safe Senders "White-listing" list in your spam filtering service: 




Silvertrac IP Address is:

Also, please ensure there are no rules set up to inhibit the emails. This is sometimes identified by our end as a "Customer Policy Issue" 

We have seen issues in some mail servers when the reply is different than the from, it can be rejected.

For customers having issues not receiving notifications, please have them white-list the IP address and the domain and 

NOTE: Almost all non-delivered emails are due to the receiving server rejecting them for some reason.  If an email is rejected, the system Silvertrac uses puts that address into a "Suppression List" which Silvertrac usually needs to manually remove once the receiving server has been set to allow emails from us. 

Once you have confirmed with your Email host provider they approved all the listed addresses, please contact Silvertrac support with the email address and we can check the list and make sure the recipient email is deleted from our suppression list.

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