Silvertrac allows you to upload you own logo to be displayed on your login page and at the top of all reports. 

You can do this by hovering over the System tab, selecting System Config, then click on the Logos tab. 

To successfully add a logo, you first need to make sure that your logo meets the sizing requirements. Let's take a look at the sizing requirements for all 3 options shown above. 

Main Page Logo

 The Main Page Logo is displayed in the top left corner of the login page. (Pictured below). 

The Main Page Logo needs to be within the sizing requirements. That means your logo shouldn't be any wider than 570px or and taller than 70px. 

For help resizing your logo for free you can use

NOTE: is not a Silvertrac Site and we are not responsible for its functionality or support. However, we have found it to be useful and encourage you to give it a try. 

Report Header Logo

The report header logo will be displayed at the top of  most reports in the system, including the DAR. A logo added in this section needs to follow the ratio requirements, 8x to 1y.

Note: If you upload a logo and it looks to big or becomes distorted, try resizing it using

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