The System Configuration option allows you to customize certain areas of your Silvertrac Site.

To access the options hover over the System tab and select System Config from the drop down.

The options listed under the General tab are as follows:

  • Local URL: This box shows you the URL for your Silvertrac site.
  • Hide Home Page Menu Bar: Clicking this box allows you to hide your home page menu bar if you do not want to allow web users to report issues.
  • Home Page Menu Link Name: This box allows you to customize the menu tab titles as they appear on your home screen if the hide home page menu bar is not selected.
  • Return URL on Logout: This field allows you to set a return URL once a customer or employee has logged out. Entering a URL in this box will forward the user to that URL once they’ve clicked the log out button.

The next 8 fields on this page deal with your company’s information.

  • Handheld Photo Timestamp Text: This field allows you to customize the name that your company photos are time stamped with.
  • Include Arrivals / Departures in DAR: When an officer logs into the system and logs out the times are noted in the system. If this is something you do not wish to include in the client's DAR you can leave the box unchecked. If this is something you want your clients to see simply check the box.
  • About Us: This box allows you to customize the written content that your users will see when the log into the system at your company’s URL.
  • Hide Drop Down City Selector: This option affects how a web user reports an issue. They will hover over the Report an Issue tab, select the type of issue they wish to report (Security, Maintenance, or Parking) and then they will search for their specific property either by City if the Hide Drop Down City Selector is unchecked or by property name if the Hide Drop Down City Selector is checked.
  • External URL Links: This displays all the links on your site which allow you to link directly to the reporting pages for the security, maintenance and parking modules.
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