The issues you see in the monitor appear in the order by ID number, not by date and time.

This is by design to allow you to see all issues as they arrive in the live monitor. Unfortunately, even with today's technology, outages or connectivity issues do occur. When there is a delay or interruption of uploading any issues, the device will  hold the delayed issues until connectivity is reestablished,.

When the connection is reestablished, the issue(s) will then upload to the Silvertrac server and are assigned an issue ID. If the delayed issue(s) were uploaded to the Issue Monitor by date or time, the monitoring user would most likely never see the issues(s) as they would upload to a previous page.

NOTE: The actual date and time shown is the actual date and time the issue was created. If you are experiencing multiple date and time issues out of order in your issue monitor, we recommend investigating the connectivity issues related to the area your device is operating in?

As an extra measure, Silvertrac has added a notification indicator  "Uploads" at the bottom of the device users main screen. If there is an issue with the uploading created issues, the device user should always look at this area in the lower portion on the device screen and verify that they are all at zero.

If there are Issues, Messages, Photos or Audio files pending upload, the user should get to an area of good confirmed connectivity.  These pending uploads should then start to upload.

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