If you are experiencing an issue with your camera Auto Focus within the handheld device not allowing you to take a photo, please read the following steps below to resolve this issue:

Note: You must be an Administrator to access the device maintenance area.

1) Go to your SilverTrac Web Portal and log into Silvertrac.

2) On the Top Menu bar, hover over the tab and click Device Maintenance.

3) Find the device on the list that is having this issue. Click the device to open the maintenance functions for that device.

4) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the Auto Focus check box. Uncheck the Box. 

5) Click on the Save Device red button before exiting.

Note: If a handheld user is logged into the device while these following changes were made, you MUST have them log out and back in to receive the new data.

Why did this happen?  My phone was working fine before.

This sometimes will occur when Google Updates their Android operating system and your device has installed the new update.  Most likely the firmware has been updated related to the camera function in the device closely related to the auto focus.  

Unfortunately there are no set standards by camera manufactures per device. Therefore when the auto focus feature receives an update that may not be compatible to the current version of Silvertrac, the only immediate resolve is to turn off the Auto Focus feature in Silvertrac.

In most situations, turning off the Auto Focus won't be significant difference in photo quality, but it could affect the night time quality should the camera user move a lot while capturing the photo.

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