Adding new accounts, and hiring and firing officers will require that you perform periodic device maintenance. This can easily be done by hovering over the System tab on the issue monitor and selecting Device Maintenance.

You will be able to identify how many devices are being used and how many are available in the upper part of the screen. (Circled in the image above)

The list on the left will show all active devices. You can view inactive devices by clicking the Include Inactive Devices box. 

By clicking on a device the right side of the page will populate information specific to that device such as the registration date, who it was added by, the phone number, the operating platform. etc.

The lower right hand side of the page also contains two boxes to turn on and off two features. Those features are Require GPS and Use Autofocus. It is highly recommended that these two features be checked for each device you use in the field.

Checking the Require GPS box will require the device to use the "Location" settings, which enables the GPS features within SilverTrac. If it is not checked the user will be able to submit issues without having the GPS feature enabled. 

Checking the Use Autofocus box it significantly improves the quality of photos taken at night or in the dark.

Deactivating a Device

To deactivate a device simple click on the device and then select Deactivate Device. When the device is deactivated the Active Devices total is adjusted accordingly.

The device that was deactivated will now appear in the Inactive Devices list. 

Reactivating a Device

If you wish to reactivate an inactive device simply click on the device you wish to reactivate and then click on the Activate Device button on the lower right side of the page.


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