Creating a Group

Group Membership is a feature that allows you to group properties into groups within the Silvertrac System. Having properties grouped is beneficial for field users, supervisors and customers because it allows them to see properties based on the patrol route, region, or district they are assigned to. 

To add a new group, go to the Properties tab at the top of the page and select Edit Group Membership.

1) To create a new group click Add New Group.

2) Enter the name for the new group you are creating in the New Group Name field.

3) Click Add.

Your new group will now be available in the drop down menu on the screen. The next step will be assigning properties to the new group.

4) Select the new property in the drop down menu.

A list of the active properties in the system will be displayed on the screen with selection boxes next to each one. Select the properties you wish to include in this group.

At the bottom of the screen you will see a Display in Handheld option. This option will display the group for selection in the handheld.

Example: If you were to add a group for a patrol route that consisted of 15 possible stops, you would want to display a group for that patrol in the handheld. This would allow assigned field users to log in and only see the properties associated with that group. After selecting all the properties you with to add click Save Group Member List.

Editing Group Membership

Editing group membership works much in the same way that adding a new group does. The only exception is that you will start the process by selecting the existing group you wish to edit from the drop down menu. All of the active properties will then be displayed and you will be able to add or remove the properties from that group.

To save the changes click Save Group Member List.

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