Employee Supervisors can access all properties and User Accounts up to: Employee Dispatcher. This user role cannot access the Edit User area for Employee Supervisors or Administrators and cannot register a handheld device with the system.

NOTE: A Supervisor can be limited to specific property access by the Administrator in the Edit User area under the “User Group” field.

Issue Monitor: View created issue internally, pictures, play audio files, attach notes or documents, email issue, print an issue, assign and reassign an issue to a handheld user and view GPS location within specific issue and access to the GPS Map area in the system menu bar, when authorized by a system Administrator under Edit User area.

View Appeals: View appeals related to parking issues with fees or warnings submitted via online web users.

New Action: Assign New Security, Maintenance or Parking issues to system users and field users.

GPS Map: View a GPS map of specific users as issues were created by location and date.

View/Edit Invoices: View and Edit invoices related to online paid parking permits and parking fines.

Assign/Print Permits: Assign online order permits to batch of sticker permits and print permit mailers.

Add New Property: Add New Properties into the system.

Edit Property: Access and Edit Property details such as, Issue types, locations and additional addresses associated to an existing property.

Edit Parking Rules: Edit parking rule templates previously added for each property.

Edit Appeal Templates: Edit appeal an template(s) for online response to parking appeals submitted by web users.

Edit Group Membership: Ability to Create/Edit or add any users below Dispatch level to a Custom Group Membership to limit access or requested amount of properties.

Accessible Reports for the Employee Supervisor:
· Issue Summary
· 12 Month Income
· New Issue Time Slice
· Daily Activity Report (DAR)
· Permit Orders and Active Permits
· Maintenance Summary
· Parking Map
· Excel Export Reports
· User Shift Report
· Security Summary

Accessible Custom Excel Export Reports:
· Issue History (Security, Maintenance and Parking)
· Login History of Customers
· Login History of Employees
· Permit Information
· Properties By Management Company
· Registered Phone List (List of Current Registered Devices in System)
· User Report
· Vehicles with Outstanding Violations
· Vehicle with Violations
· Violation Income Report

Adding a New User: Can create “New” Customer user accounts and Employee user accounts up to Dispatcher only.

Edit User: Can access and edit customer user accounts and employee user accounts up to dispatcher.

Passwords: Can change own password and Edit Notifications and Customer /Employee user account notifications for Security, Maintenance and Parking Related issues.

Handheld Maintenance: View system registered handheld devices in the Handheld Maintenance area only. This user role cannot delete registered devices. Deletion of registered devices can only be completed by a system Administrator.

Add New & Edit a Management Company: Ability to add a new management company or Edit an existing Management Company.

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