When should the Lock Feature be used? 

As an Administrator you may add a new property or make changes to an existing property, only to discover another user logged in and reversed your changes or made changes you did not authorize.

To assist with this scenario, Silvertrac has added an additional feature called "Property Lock".

How does Locking a Property Work? 

Property lock allows ONLY Administrator access level users to lock a specific property individually.  When a property is locked any employee users, from Supervisor to Dispatch, will be locked out and limited to the following areas:

- Addresses/Units

- Attached Documents

- Phone Numbers

The property lock can only be initiated by an Administrator by clicking on the lock icon located in the Edit Properties area:

 Once the lock is initiated an alert message will appear and the lock image will change from open to closed.

Why do users still have access to addresses under locked setting?

Silvertrac is designed to also assist dispatch users to take calls from residents or field users which may require address verification.

Although the addresses area is accessible to users under a locked condition, you will notice there are no available options to SAVE any changes. Therefore the addresses are read-only for dispatchers while the property is locked. 

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