In this article we will cover: 

  1. How to Add a Management Company
  2. How to Edit a Management Company
  3. FAQs - What is a Management Company?  Why do I Need to Add a Management Company?
  4. Quick Tips and Best Practices

1) How to Add a New Management Company

Every property in Silvertrac must be assigned to a Management Company.  To Add a New Management Company

Hover over the Management Tab >> click New Management Company

After adding the New Management Company Name (and any other optional desired company information) click Add New Management Company

2) How to Edit an Existing Management Company

To edit an existing Management Company:

Hover over the Management tab >> click Edit Management Company 

After making additions or edits be sure to click Save Company Details at the bottom of the screen.

3) FAQs

What is a Management Company? 

The Management Company is the company that manages the property you are servicing.  

(Examples: CBRE, Fairfield, Colliers, Western National, Kimco, etc.,)

In short, the Management Company is the customer who signs the check.  This does not necessarily have to be a separate property Management Company as in the case of self managed properties where the name of the property is one and the same. 

Why do I Need to Add a Management Company?

Having each individual property set up under a Management Company allows Silvertrac to automatically set up User Groups.  This allows you to set up each individual property manager, as well as regional managers, to receive multiple reports on multiple properties that you may service in their portfolio(s).

4) Quick Tips and Best Practices

Create your own company as a separate Management Company.   

Creating your company as a separate Management Company will enable you to attach it to individual internal properties.  This means you can add properties such as a Vehicle Inspection Property, Test or a Training Property, a Supervisor Inspection Property to track uniform and guard card checks, and more.  

Creating your own Management Company also ensures that the internal or test data that is created isn't associated with a live customer property and show up on their reports.

If you have further questions about adding or editing Management Companies please contact your Customer Success Manager or call Tech Support at 888-505-8722 ext 4. 

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