In this article we will go over the Chat Feature and how to view and receive messages from a System Admin or Dispatcher through the Issue Monitor and how to respond to Chat messages within the Silvertrac App.

The Message Board is a feature designed to provide quick communication by System Admins or Dispatchers to all Officers logged onto the Silvertrac App at any given time.

The Chat Feature also lets System Admins and Dispatchers message individual Officers as well.

NOTE: The information included on the message board will NOT be entered on to the reports.  Internal purposes only. 

The Chat communications are not for officer to officer use.

How to Receive a Message

Your company must be utilizing the Chat Feature in order to receive or reply to Messages.  When you are logged onto the Silvertrac App you will receive a pop screen with a time stamp and message in the mid display:

How to Reply to a Message

You have the option to respond via Voice Input (talk to text) or typing your reply with the device's QWERTY keypad and then press the Send Reply button.

Once the reply is sent or if a response is not necessary, tap on the Close button and you will return to the main page.

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