What you will need:

Property Import Sheet: To include Homeowners' names & Email addresses.
∙ Applicable Issue Type: As an example, "Home Vacation Watch".

Setup Process:

  1. Email your Customer Success Manager (CSM) the completed Property Import Sheet and wait for confirmation that properties have been successfully imported.

  2. Deactivate all properties where the homeowners are currently HOME and not on vacation.

  3. Assign previously created "Home Vacation Watch" Issue Type to all Active Properties that are currently On Vacation and using your service.

  4. Verify Homeowner Information (Name & Email Address) is correct under Property Notes/Post Orders portion of all Active Properties.
    ∙ Add New User for all Active Properties: First & Last Name, Email Address, User Name, Password & User Role.                                                                                       ∙ User Group: Assign User as a Single Property Manager for their Home.

  5. Edit Notifications: Assign Issue Type "Home Vacation Watch" to alert designated User/Homeowner ANYTIME the Issue Type is used.

Daily Management:

∙ Ensure Silvertrac is an accurate representation of which Homeowners are On Vacation (Active Property) and which Homeowners are Home (Inactive Property).

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