To setup an alert for an officer that is late: 

  1. Go to Properties >> Property Maintenance

  2. Select a property

  3. Create or Choose an Existing Issue Type (for example; "Officer on Duty" or "Officer on Site"). Make sure the issue type is assigned to that property. 

  4. Open the Tasks window and add a new task. 

  5. Set the task to trigger 1 hour before you want to receive the alert if the officer is not on site.

    For Example: if the shift starts at 8pm and you want an alert at 8:10 if the officer is not logged in and working, set the task to trigger at 7:10pm.

  6. Make sure you set the Overdue Task Alert to 1 Hour. 

  7. Finally, make sure you go to the Notifications and set your notifications to receive overdue task alerts. 

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