To fully understand how Silvertrac auto reports work, you must first be aware, the Silvertrac system sends a scheduled auto report based on the settings you set up. The system does not check each report for data before sending. The system by design will simply email a report based on the Type, Time Frame, Properties and Level chosen. It's the sole responsibility of the user setting up the report to ensure data will be created based on the criteria selected.


Each sent auto report covers a 24 hour period. Therefore, an auto report will only generate and send once every 24 hours. So please keep in mind when setting up an auto report for yourself or a client, the report will only show data from the starting time to the ending time you have selected.

For Example: When a user sets up an auto report to generate at 9 AM for Monday thru Friday and the current time is Monday 10 AM, the first report will not generate until Tuesday 9 AM, because the time has already passed. Therefore, the first generated report will be received on Tuesday approximately at 9 AM and the information included will cover from Monday 9 AM to Tuesday 9 AM.


Making changes to an existing set auto report could cause a delay or slight interruption to your recipients. The delays are not always consistent, depending on what or when changes are made. We understand mistakes are made and editing may be required at times, we just recommend taking your time when setting up auto reporting or notifications to help save you and your users any frustration.

Troubleshooting Blank Auto Reports:

Here are some common reasons below as to why a received auto report could be blank.

User Set Up

The are no properties added to the Property Group selected or the wrong Property/Properties were selected. (i.e. The User is set up as a Single Property manager for Property A but the DAR is set up for Property B)

There was no data reported at the Property or Property Group selected during the time frame the report was submitted.  (i.e. No shifts worked on Wednesday but Auto Report set up to be delivered Thursday)

The option of selecting Only Urgent was selected but the only issues submitted were not marked as such.

If you would like to check your auto report settings for the above listed troubleshooting items, please click on the link below. 

This link will take you directly into our Silvertrac resource center on Notification Set up and Editing.

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