Depending on the size of your company you may feel you require two or more employees to be able to help manage your system as an Administrator.  Silvertrac recognizes this need but has put safety and security protocols in place to insure Administrator access is not over used in a way to put your company at undue risk or liability.

Before adding an additional system Administrator, it is best to first determine if an additional system Administrator is actually needed.

If an employee is set up with a Supervisor User Role they already have the majority of access that an Administrator does with the most noticeable exception of being able to activate and de-active devices in the Device Maintenance Section of the Issue Monitor.

NOTE: Only the company owner or Current Admin can request the addition or de-activation of an Admin

If, upon review, it is determined that an Additional Company Admin is required, please follow these two quick steps:

Step One: 1st edit that employee User Role as a Supervisor or Dispatcher in your site. 

Step Two: email a request with their Name, User name and email.

Once reviewed and completed your request will be acknowledged and notification of completion will be sent.

To de-activate an Admin follow the same steps.

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