The option to send a system generated email notification to specific users for specific issues submitted by field users is a great way to make sure urgent or high priority incidents are not overlooked.  Especially issues that need immediate resolution and can't wait until the DAR is delivered the following day.

There are however circumstances whereby any attached  notes or photos may experience a temporary delay in being delivered with the Auto Notification.  Such circumstances are out of the control of Silvertrac and therefore a disclaimer appears a the bottom of the email notification:  

Disclaimer in bold red at the bottom of email notifications:

Attention: You are receiving this email notification because you have selected to be notified immediately of a reported issue. Due to unforeseeable technological upload delays that can occur, some notifications received may be missing viewable content such as photos, notes or audio files. When this occurs, you will need to log into your Silvertrac account and enter the issue ID to view the attached content, or contact your security provider administrator for assistance.

Unfortunately, even with today's technology, outages or connectivity issues do occur. When there is a delay or interruption of uploading any issues, the device willhold the delayed issues until connectivity is reestablished,.

When the connection is reestablished, the notes and photos will then upload to the Silvertrac server and accompany the assigned issue ID. 

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