When creating issues types on a property there are three distinct designations so that the data gathered on a property to be viewed all together or separately by specific module. Those three modules are Security, Parking and Maintenance.

By selecting just the Maintenance Portal a User can see just the maintenance issues reported on a property. This snap shot quickly helps identify problematic areas of concern, reoccurring issues, or to identify proactive approaches to reduce risk and liability. 

Focus on Maintenance Roles

Most properties utilize a property or facility manager.  A major function of the  property or facility manager is to mediate risk and liability through both reactive and proactive maintenance programs and in most cases there is a Maintenance Supervisor that oversees this.  There may also be a support team of one or more maintenance workers typically, depending on the size of the property.

When creating a User Role the option exists to designate a User as a Maintenance Supervisor or a Maintenance Worker and to specify that they only view Maintenance issues.  In this way alerts and automated reports can be set up and sent directly to individual Maintenance team members.

You may encounter some initial resistance from the maintenance team if they don't feel they are still in ultimate control of reporting and resolving maintenance issues on a property, especially if they are part of an onsite team as this is their job.  Offering to support, not take over, maintenance reporting will go a long way toward gaining the support of the maintenance team. 

Maintenance Issue Types

Maintenance issues might be classified into two basic categories: Interior and Exterior. 

Interior maintenance issues would be inside a resident or tenants living or work space and may include issues such as: water leaks, malfunctioning toilets, washer/dryer/dishwasher problems, sink, shower and sewer line blockage, etc...

Exterior maintenance issues would be located in the common grounds or surrounding areas of the property and may include issues such as: water leaks, lights out, overflowing trash, slip/trip/fall hazards, broken windows, doors, gates, low hanging limbs, raised curbs, loose handrails, standing water, etc...

Prevent Repetitive Maintenance Reporting

One issue that has come up in reporting Maintenance Issues is that many times the same issue is reported multiple times.  For example an officer may notice a sconce bulb out in a hallway and report it.  Then the next shift office notices the exact same sconce bulb out and reports it as well. This could happen multiple times and cast the maintenance team in a bad light because light out inspections are typically conducted by the maintenance team at various and specific dates and times, but the reporting by the officers results in the following morning the Daily Activity Report showing 2 or more lights out, when in reality there is only 1 light out.

To prevent this, it is highly recommended coordinating reporting efforts with the maintenance team by utilizing the Tasks feature.  Set specific times to do specific tours such as a lights out inspection and do not report the issue at any other times.

NOTE: The obvious exception to this procedure would be if a light out was the result of tampering or damage.

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