The video above shows an older version of Silvertrac, however, the steps shown still apply. 

Device Maintenance is only available to Administrative users because the number of active devices determines the price per month of the software.

The 3 step device approval process can be found by clicking the System tab on the issue monitor home page and then clicking the Device Maintenance drop down option.

1) Make sure that the user had been added to the system. You can do this by click New User under the Users tab. 

2) Next, download the Silvertrac App from the Google Play or Apple App Store and login to the app. The first time a user logs into the app an alert pop up will be displayed which says, “Alert! You have logged in successfully, however this device is not approved. Please have your administrator approve the device from the website.”

The request will appear in the list with an  Awaiting Approval note next to it.

3) Finally, clicking on the request allows the administrator to see who is requesting activation and then activate the device. Once activated, the device will be added to the total activated device counter at the top left side of the screen.

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